Let’s face it when it comes to Winter most of us hibernate waiting for the Spring time to arrive and we assume that most flowers are the same. However, did you know there are some florals that peak in the months of July and August in Australia?

Perth’s climate provides a mild winter compared to elsewhere in Australia. This season expect to see beautiful florals Mokara orchids, Banksias, Asiatic lilies and Gerberas, just to name a few.
Whether you are planning a winter wedding or beautiful bouquet for a special event or gift idea, here are some of the flowers that are in season as well as what they generally mean or represent.

Anthurium Long lasting plant for someone you care about

Anthurium, is a genus of about 1000 species of flowering plants, the heart shaped flower symbolises hospitality best kept indoors this plant that likes cooler weather and is long lasting. Typically, bold colours reds, pinks, whites with shiny green leaves. They bloom all year around and according to Feng Shui, Anthuriums are lucky plants and bringing good luck in relationships.

Asiatic Lilies Perfect addition to an arrangement

These lilies commonly come in many vibrant shades of white, yellow, pink, red, and orange. Orange ones are known as the tiger because of their tiger-like pattern, symbolising confidence, pride, and wealth. These florals like full and part sun conditions, generally they symbolise humility and devotion and are used as the 30th anniversary flower.

Banksias Great for wild or native bouquet

These Australian wildflowers and popular plants easily recognised by their characteristics, these spikey cone shapes come in red, orange, cream and green and can last a long time or be dried out very easily, as they grown in dry climate areas of Australia. They resemble rebirth and new beginnings.

Billy buttons Perfect flower to brightening someone’s day

Did you know these flowers are native to Australia and belong to the daisy family, naturally Bright yellow in colour however can be dyed orange, red or green.

Their shape makes it a great addition to a wild textural bouquet. Their name comes from a Greek word meaning fringed edge, signifying good health, it is said that the receiver lights up the senders world.

Carnations Perfect all round

When most people think of these sweet smelling, tissue like petals, they think of the pink carnation which is the symbol of a mother’s undying love.

When most people think of these sweet smelling, tissue like petals, they think of the pink carnation which is the symbol of a mother’s undying love.

But did you know that each colour represents a different meaning?

Light red carnations resemble admiration, while dark red denotes love and affection, while white represents pure love and good luck and various striped carnations symbolise regret that love cannot be shared.

Dendrobe Orchids Perfect unique gift idea

These beauties require careful attention, they prefer moderate warm and humid conditions, keep them in a warm place out of direct sunlight. You’ll find them in tones of purple, lavender, pink, red, white, orange, yellow, green and even a mottled brown representing elegance, femininity and unity a perfect gift for a special person.

Disbuds Great small boutique, bring joy into people’s lives with their rounded shape

Disbuds are a type of chrysanthemum with their pompom like shape they can be found in white, pink, yellow, rust, to green and even blue.  Symbolising optimism and joy great for birthdays and Mother’s.

Gerberas Beautiful gifting flower

These bright and cheerful flowers resemble sunflowers and come in vibrant rich tones of yellow, red, pink and orange. They also like full sun like sunflowers. Their daisy like shape reflects innocence, purity, and cheerfulness and because of this they are a perfect birthday or gifting flower as they make people happy and are as popular as roses and carnations.

Kale Perfect tonal and textural flower

Looking for something bold and eye catching this winter, then don’t look past this purple and green tonal flower that is vibrant in colour and stunning in bouquets. This cabbage like floral usually blooms from April to August. Combine it with lavender, or other various textured flowers for the perfect modern winter tonal bouquet.

Mokara Orchids For something extra special

These special orchids cannot be found in the wild as they require special conditioning, their star shaped petals come in tones of purple, pink, blue, red, orange, yellow and coral and require more watering than most other plants. Their delicate velvet petals make them captivating it’s no wonder they represent beauty and love.

Oriental Lilies A great classic

Widely used in floral bouquets for weddings as well as congratulatory gifts these popular florals portray beauty, innocence and wealth and look great in a long vase with their bright pink, white patterned petals.

Pink hypericum berries Perfect calming flower

Growing 25-30 inches tall these are also known as St John’s wort, popular during the wedding season they go beautifully in soft pastel floral arrangements. Although mainly seen in soft pinks you will find them also in red, pink, brown, green, white, orange to name a few.

Since the plant is known for its healing properties, it is associated with good health bringing cheer and inspiration into someone’s life.

Spray Roses Perfect go to flower

Everyone loves roses, so that is what makes them an easy option for most. These sometime scented florals are available all year around in many colours and sizes. From miniature roses to long stem, with every colour reflecting a different meaning. Did you know that there are over 150 species of Roses, with some names such as the China rose and memorial rose. Choose carefully as the meanings for white roses are innocence, Yellow for friendship and apologies, Dark pink for gratitude and red of course for true love.

Sweet William

These special cluster-like flowers are a symbolism of finesse and are associated with masculinity. It is a species of the carnation family, they like full sun and bloom in bunches of pinks and reds with a contrasting centre and have a gentle sweet smell.

There you have it! The next time you head into our store to view our selection of florals and gift ideas you now have a better understanding of the types of flowers that are in season and what they generally represent. We always aim to do our best to source locally grown products as well as aim to do our part in being more sustainable business. We look forward to seeing you instore or online. Happy browsing!

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