Spring is blooming all around us and if you haven’t already noticed we have welcomed a variety of bright and delicate spring flowers that are bound to brighten anyone’s day with their vibrant colours and sweet-scented smell of Springtime. Whether you have a special occasion coming up or just love to brighten your own home, here is what is currently in bloom in Perth this spring.

Colourful Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums come in white, yellow, gold, pink, orange, bronze, maroon and purple, with some chrysanthemums combining a mix of two or more colours.

Fun fact, did you know chrysanthemum is a popular summertime tea beverage in southern China? All chrysanthemum flowers are edible, but the flavour varies widely from plant to plant, some being sweet while others are bitter or peppery.

Delightful Disbuds

Useful in arrangements or bouquets, Disbuds are also known as single stem Chrysanthemums. They come in a wide variety of colours, from white, pink, yellow, rust, to green. Some white varieties are also soaked in dye and are transformed into different shades of pink, orange, brown and blue varieties. Our green disbuds make a great addition with white and pink floral arrangements.

Gorgeous Geraldtons

A wild beauty Geraldton’s are a small delicate looking spring flower known as wax flowers and come in tones of pink, white, yellow and purple.

These wild plants grow in dryer climates and are quite resilient as they can withstand both frost and drought, therefore you will commonly find them in gardens across Southern and Western Australia. They look beautiful in wild bouquets or even on their own.

Idyllic Iris

When we think of Iris flowers, we picture them in a blue or purple colour. However, Iris flowers are also found in white, yellow, pink, orange, brown and red. They grow from bulbs where an entire plant is roughly 10-12 inches tall. Iris flowers prefer drier climates and symbolise wisdom, perfect in long stem arrangements or as a feature for tall vases.

Precious Proteas

A popular among many in Perth, proteas have over 1500 species in many different shapes and sizes. Their beautiful variety and tonal shades make them a perfect statement flower in a bouquet. There are both king and queen proteas which are very different in looks, the king protea tends to be bigger and bolder whereas the queen protea is more delicate and elegantly decorated with featured like textured petals.

Proteas are popular for weddings or table arrangements and symbolise change and hope. These spring flowers can also be dried out beautifully for a different arrangement.

Spectacular Spray roses

Spray roses refer to roses that grow in clusters of blooms on one stem or branch and are typically labelled as miniature or sweetheart roses. Spray roses can be grown in a pot unlike regular roses. Spray roses make up the bulk of small bouquets and corsages for formal occasions, Ideal for small floral arrangements, weddings or table settings. These beauties are often found in many colours like pinks, oranges, yellows and reds as well as popular two-toned colours.

Scented Stocks

Stocks scent is described as a pleasant sweet and spicy aroma, resembling vanilla. Stock flowers are regular found in white, pink, red, or lilac and make great gifts and arrangements. They are a symbol of happy life, therefore we can all do with a few stocks in our lives. They stop blooming once hot weather arrives therefore Spring is the perfect time.

Timeless Tulips

Tulip flowers are usually large, bright and bold generally found in red, pink, yellow, or white. They stand tall with their thick stem and delicately shaped closed petals, looking great in a vase on their own or paired with other strong bold flowers like lilies or roses. After roses, red tulips are most strongly associated with love and are a popular option. Did you know tulips are formed from two colours, a base colour which is normally white or yellow and a second layer colour?

As the weather continues to get warmer now is the season to take advantage of the best and finest Spring florals. Why not pop into our store to browse around at all our wonderful gifts and floral arrangements or create one yourself now that you know exactly what is in season.

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