Indoor plants are a great way to bring a bit of colour and nature into your home. Many studies have shown the benefits of having indoor plants. They can help reduce your stress levels and boost your mood. Indoor plants help clear the air by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen, not to mention adding life to your space. Here are six indoor plants to love, that are simple to take care of and suitable for the Winter season.

Monstera plant

The Monstera is naturally found in tropical Central America and also goes by the name of the Swiss cheese plant, because of its shape. These popular indoor plants like being placed in bright areas with indirect sunlight and warm temperatures. The large perforated leaves make it a great climbing plant that are simple to care for. Suitable for most homes they can create a lovely jungle like feel and for all those cursed with a black thumb, the Monstera is reasonably tough to kill. The only thing that they don’t like is the cold climate, which is normally anything less than 10 degrees.

Monstera Plant
Monstera Plant with Teardrop Peperomia

Umbrella plant

If you are looking for a tall plant to feature in your home or fill a large corner spot, then this Umbrella plant might just be what you need. Growing up to 6 feet tall, its foliage has a unique eight spoke leave style, giving it its name of umbrella. The easiest way to water this plant is to wait until the top of the soil is dry before doing it again. Its leaves will droop if there is not enough water. While if the leaves turn yellow then that’s your sign that you are overwatering it. Place it in indirect sunlight for the best results, turning the pot according to the way the leaves are receiving the sun. If you have curious pets then it’s preferable that you opt for another plant, as the leaves can be slightly toxic to dogs and cats if they are ingested.

Indoor Pot plants
Umbrella plant

umbrella plant
Umbrella tree plant

Rubber plant

Rubber pot plant
Rubber Plant

This glossy thick stem plant is a variety of the ficus family. It cleverly stores water in case of drought. Medium in size, it’s a wonderful focal feature in your brightly lit living room. An interesting fact about the Rubber plant is that they are shown to filter formaldehyde, which is a gas found in many cleaning products. In the Summer months it likes to be kept moist, however in the colder season the plant requires less watering, maybe once or twice a month.


The Dieffenbachia pronounced defin batchia, is one of the easiest plants to grow. Other names this plant goes by are the Dumb Cane or Leopard Lily. Its large green and yellow leaves have an attractive pattern, suited to most indoor climates. Dieffenbachia prefers brightly lit indoor spots away from direct sunlight. Its leaves are toxic, so its best kept away from your mouth or eye area. Preferring relatively humid environments, it likes regular watering in well-drained soil, so it’s best to allow the soil to dry between watering.


Devil’s Ivy

Devils Ivy is best hung as it likes to crawl

Devils Ivy is a trailing leafy plant that prospers with bright light, but will also grow in low light conditions. A great plant that likes to crawl with its evergreen colour thriving all year around. Devil’s Ivy was first discovered in French Polynesia, surviving almost all conditions except the frost. Poisonous to pets, best kept in a hanging basket or on a shelf where its beautiful vine can crawl. Easily propagated in water, it is one of the best indoor plants as it is very forgiving, growing through most situations very well.

Peace Lily

The Peace lily’s dark glossy green leaves and beautiful white spathe like flowers are a popular option for gifts. They help purify the air in your home and are reasonably effortless to take care of. A great plant to put in the kitchen, bathroom or office space. As they are very easy to maintain it is a perfect plant for beginners. Place the plant in a warm spot in dabbled sunlight and water it less during the cooler months. Its shiny leaves can be wiped with a cloth to remove any excess dust.

peace lily plant
White Peace lily also known as Spathiphyllum plant

Plants are known to make people happy, so if you are looking to add some life to your home, or buy a lovely gift for someone, any of these easy to grow indoor plants, are a perfect idea. Visit us in store or check out our online indoor plant store, bouquets and gift ideas.

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