Floristry is an art. That is why many chose to buy from a professional florist. The level of quality and service varies immensely from a regular shop.

Firstly, you need to be qualified and pass exams to become a professional florist, with a traineeship lasting between 1-2 years.

A qualified florist will understand how to care for and handle flowers and plants. This is why their products will generally last longer. A professional florist will store flowers at the right temperature. Carefully water and give them the right amount of food.

Trained professionals are basically floral designers. This includes floral selection, arranging, through to the delivery process. You’ll find anything from handmade corsages, buttonholes, bouquet, and wreaths.

A florist can create a custom design for your bouquet according to your needs and budget, which always adds a personal touch to any bouquet.

Florists professionally create bouquets using design principles of; balance, scale, harmony, unity, and proportion.

Offering advice and care instructions on how to look after your new custom floral bouquet. Each floral arrangement is carefully constructed. a little ‘Extra’ attention is given to the details, which most people notice.

The way a florist sources of flowers is very different from a regular shop with flowers. At Innaloo florist, we search for locally grown fresh flowers whenever we can. It not only helps our local farmers; it also reduced the amount of transport it takes to receive them. Better for the environment and our local W.A state.

We almost always try to select organic, chemical-free flowers, so all you need to worry about is enjoying that luscious scent.

A florist will also offer a delivery service for your convenience, have flowers carefully delivered to someone or your door within a suitable time frame.

Suppose you appreciate the finer things in life. In that case, you will know buying from a professional florist store has many perks for both the customer and the local business, helping to support your community.

We appreciate our customers and always do our best to meet their requirements. Our friendly and qualified staff spend hours in a day arranging and attending to orders, both online and in-person—a proud supplier through Interflora, one of the world’s most trusted brands. The largest flower delivery network, servicing almost 150 countries. Delighted to be affiliated with the Interflora brand, which has established a name in the business in Australia for 60 years. Their reputation for excellence is recognised around the world.

Now you have a better idea of why supporting your local florist is better than purchasing flowers at a milk bar or gift shop.

Let’s face it flowers make a fantastic gift idea. They can cheerfully boost our mood. They are nature’s beauty in a bundle for all of us to enjoy. Shop our range of floral bouquets.

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