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Innaloo Florist is a full-service florist. That means we do absolutely everything floral, and we do it beautifully. Our services include subscription florals, gifts, bouquets, balls and events, all using the finest flowers. These flowers are even better when we source them locally, which we always try to do.

Innaloo Florist is an ethical and eco-friendly florist. As lovers of nature, and the beauty it provides us, we try to give back to the environment in as many ways as we can. And because we’re West Australian owned and operated, we like to support the community we’re a part of. In our case, that means sourcing flowers from local growers as much as we possibly can.

As a full-service florist, we’re able to look after you in every way. We also want to look after the environment. If that’s important to you as well, then you’re in the right place!

Meet Vicki

Floral Obsessor

With over 20 years of experience in the florist industry, and a horticultural background, I know my flowers! My preference is to source locally-grown, high-quality flowers and plants, and bring them together to create something truly captivating.

I’m obsessed with flowers and plants, and I’m part of a team that shares my passion. We take as much pride in a single bloom, as we do in a large bouquet. Like me, the wonderful people I work with believe in perfection down to the very last petal.

Flowers convey emotion for every occasion. I’d love to meet you and discuss what you require for your special event. Whether it’s an intimate offering of love you’re after, or huge bursts of colour at a grand party, I’ll listen to your wishes and provide flowers with feeling.

Vicki Innaloo FLorist Portrait

Nature First Living

Ethical is beautiful

Flowers are a gift from nature. We want to return the favour by being kind to the environment. This is why we believe in Nature First Living.

We follow the seasons. We honour them by buying seasonally and locally grown blooms first and foremost. We turn them into stunning designs held with mindfulness and love. How they look is obviously important. But we’re also conscious of the environment, and the balance between reducing our impact and maximising the wow factor.

We use biodegradable foam, and minimise our plastic use wherever possible; we’re big fans of paper and glass for this very reason. Meanwhile, our preference for locally-sourced flowers not only means we support West Australian growers, but also helps us use flowers that are 100% chemical free. Many overseas flowers are covered in chemicals, and we avoid them as much as we can. Instore recycling, which is part of our “Reduce Reuse Recycle” policy, is yet another way we can be a little kinder to Mother Nature.

When you see the floral designs we create, you fully appreciate the gifts that nature gives us. Being good to the environment is the right thing for us to do in return. That’s the essence of Nature First Living.

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